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Welcome to The-O-Zone. First published in 1997, The-O-Zone brought together some of the most important Research Papers and Articles on the use of Ozone in Dentistry. Since then, this collection has been extended into every facet of Health-Care, from Medical to Dental, Veterinary to Farming, Viticulture to At-Home usage of Ozone.

This site is maintained and operated by The GreyCell Group, comprising of 5LK OzoneClinic, GreyCell TS, GreyCell Enterprises, GreyCell Advantage and this Research area, The-O-Zone & GreyCell Ozone. Please use the links to explore this site. You can make contact with The-O-Zone through the links to the Contact Forms.

There are links to Research Abstracts, Published Journal Papers, Commentaries and Editorials. These cover Medical, Dental, Veterinary and General Health Care - be it in the Clinic, or At-Home.

The-O-Zone has lists of Practitioners who offer ozone therapy and treatment around the world. Please use the links to find an Ozone Practitioner near you. If you are a Ozone Practitioner and you are not listed, then please use the Contact Forms to forward your details for inclusion.


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