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This site is maintained and operated by The GreyCell Group, comprising of 5LK OzoneClinic, GreyCell TS, GreyCell Enterprises, GreyCell Advantage and this Research area, The-O-Zone & GreyCell Ozone. Please use the links to explore this site. You can make contact with The-O-Zone through the links to the Contact Forms.
The GreyCell Group comprises of 5LK OzoneClinic, GreyCell Technical Services, GreyCell Enterprises, GreyCell Advantage and our Research area The-O-Zone & GreyCell Ozone.

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GreyCell Enterprises is primarily a design, formulation and production company using ozonated plant extracts to manufacture a range of pure oils, oils in capsules, oils in wax-gels, and a range of skin creams and trans-dermal gels. GreyCell Enterprises can also source packaging and design solutions for clients. Please use this link to read about GreyCell Enterprises.
GreyCell Advantage is our loyalty scheme. Every GreyCell Client is eligible to join. It's our appreciation for buying and using products from the GreyCell Group. Advantage shows just how important a client you are to GreyCellTS. Advantage Points can be used to pay for new Product Orders, Services, Gift Items and Vouchers. Please use this link to access GreyCell Advantage
GreyCell Technical Services (GreyCell TS was launched in 2014. GreyCellTS offers clients competitive dental laboratory service costs, turn around times of typically 4-5 days (excluding transit times), FDA Approved and CE Compliant dental work. GreyCellTS offers CDP & Courses. Please use this link to access GreyCellTS.
The-O-Zone is our Research Area, where you can find published papers and data on the use of Ozone in HealthCare.
WWW-The-O-Zone.CC also has lists of Ozone Practioners around the world for Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Therapists who offer ozone treatment. If you are a Ozone Practitioner and you are not listed, please contact Dr Julian Holmes. Your listing is free.
5LK Ozone Clinic is where Medical Ozone Therapy is available to treat a wide variety of complains and infections. 5LK has a range of portable equipment, so we can bring ozone therapy to your home.
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