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Safety instructions for use of lift

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Safety instructions for use of lift

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1. Preparation:

(1) Before daily work, the driver should try to get the goods elevator up and down for several times to check whether there are faults and abnormal phenomena.

(2) The driver shall first verify the function of the door contact and the door lock, and try to disconnect the elevator when the car is moving. The goods elevator shall stop immediately.

(3) Attention should be paid to the accuracy of floor leveling of car parking station, and there is no significant abnormal difference. If abnormal gap is found, it should be stopped for correction.

2. Precautions in driving: hydraulic platform vehicle

(1) Drivers are not allowed to leave their posts without permission during service hours. If they have to leave, they must close the hall door.

(2) The driver shall be responsible for supervising that the load of the car does not exceed the rated weight.

(3) It is not allowed to ship inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods.

(4) Before starting the goods elevator, the door of the goods elevator must be closed tightly. It is strictly forbidden to start the goods elevator for general driving when the door of the goods elevator is open.

(5) On the top of the lift car, except for the fixed equipment belonging to the cargo elevator, other objects shall not be stored; except for the maintenance personnel, other people shall not enter.

(6) It is strictly forbidden to wipe, lubricate or repair the parts when the goods elevator is working.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to use the freight elevator as a passenger elevator!

3. When the freight elevator fails or fails to work normally, the maintenance personnel shall be informed immediately for repair;

If it is found that there is danger or may cause personal and mechanical accidents, it shall be stopped immediately, the main power supply of the machine room shall be cut off and reported to the management department. It can be used only after repair and detailed inspection.

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